What is Massage and Bodywork?

The terms “massage” and “bodywork” are often used interchangeably but classically, the word “massage” describes Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue massage, while “bodywork” refers to other touch therapies such as Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology and many others.

In order to practice massage, many states require a license with rigorous requirements pertaining to training, whereas many states do not require bodywork practitioners (who may or may not go through extensive training) to hold a license.

Benefits of Massage

Massage can help you recover from acute injuries, reduce chronic pain levels, and release muscle spasms. It can also ease the impact of anxiety and depression in daily life, reduce insomnia, address migraines, alleviate side effects from medications, and reduce stress. Massage heals, plain and simple.

Massage Intensity

Massage can be experienced in a range of intensity levels, from less intense, light, sweeping strokes (Swedish) to deeper, more intense work that engages the deeper layers of connective tissue (sports, deep tissue, myofascial). Intensity levels are a preference and one style of massage is not better than another. Even the lightest and less intense work can affect the body in a very deep and profound way. It is best to honor what your body wants when figuring out what level of intensity you prefer.

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