Integrated Behavioral Health

PBH clinicians provide behavioral health services directly in primary care and specialty medical practices.  By integrating behavioral health services within medical settings, we can ensure that patients receive access to behavioral health services when the services are needed most.  In addition, by working in primary care settings, we can coordinate our services more carefully with other medical providers resulting in a higher quality of care.  

PBHA clinicians are presently integrated in the following medical settings:

  • Coastal Medical – Pulmonary and Internal Medicine, East Providence, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Wakefield Medical, Wakefield, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Coastal Lincoln, Lincoln, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Warren Ave Medical, East Providence, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Waterman Pediatrics, East Providence, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Specialty Care Center, East Providence, RI
  • Coastal Medical – Garden City, Cranston, RI

If you are a Coastal Medical patient and you would like to meet with one of our clinicians in these locations, please ask your primary care physician to send us a referral to begin the scheduling process.

To read more about how PBH clinicians integrate behavioral health services in primary care, click below to read more.