Parent Training

Teaching parents the most effective methods for behavioral and emotional concerns while maintain a positive and supportive relationship.

Behavior Management Training

Helping children and adolescents learn skills to manage behavior at home and in the school setting.

Childhood Emotional Disturbances

Addressing and treating  the emotional concerns and needs of children and adolescents.

Difficulties with Learning and School Performance

Instructing children how to maximize school performance and consulting with schools to enhance school-based programming.

Attention Problems

Developing behavioral strategies to assist children and adolescents with ADHD be the most effective student and learner they can be.

Family Therapy

Working with families to address sources of stress impacting the family and the quality of relationships in the home.

School-Based Consultation

Consulting with school to develop school-wide programs to enhance the behavioral and academic performance of their students and staff.

Psychological Testing

Providing psychological and academic testing for a range of attention and learning difficulties.