In Studio Guidelines

We gather here to quiet the mind and heal the body, please honor the following guidelines.

  • Everyone is required to sign in at the desk or on the iPad, even those who have pre-registered. 
  • Please keep voices low throughout the space to respect the quiet nature of our practice.  
  • Please silence (not vibrate!!) or turn off all mobile devices and leave them out of the studio classroom.
  • No food or beverage is permitted in the practice space or massage room except for sealed bottled water.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strongly scented fragrances.
  • Please practice in bare feet storage for shoes and personable longings is provided
  • Please do not step on other student’s yoga mats.
  • Listen to your body pushing yourself into pain is not part of any yoga practice.
  • Please plan to stay the entire length of class including the final pose, Savasana If you need to leave please do so before Savasana not during.
  • If you borrow a studio loaner mat please use provided cleaning spray after use and before it’s put away.
  • After class return all props in an orderly manner and please fold blankets in the way in which you received them.