What is yoga?

Yoga is more than just exercise. It is a self-care practice that increases wellness both physically and mentally. This non-religious ancient practice of mindful movement uses breathing techniques and physical poses to cultivate awareness with in oneself. Through this awareness we bring wellness to our mind and body which then expands to our daily lives.

How would yoga benefit me?


A well-rounded yoga practice brings an awareness into your own body and its postural patterns, helping you get stronger where you are weak, and stretch where you’re tight. Moving through the postures increases flexibility and joint mobility, as well as boosts immunity, while staying focused on your own breath lowers blood pressure and cortisol. 


Just as important as physically training the body to achieve optimal health, we must train our minds to reduce stress and be happy!  Yoga teaches us to be aware of our thoughts without judgment and helps us let them go. Giving us tools to bring our attention back to the sensations of breathing and the present moment. This practice of turning your concentration away from the thinking mind, and on to your breath can fight anxiety and depression as well as bring more positivity and joy!!

What if I am not flexible enough for yoga?

The best part about yoga is it meets you where you are, meaning you don’t need to be anything different from what you are right now.  Because it is a deeply personal practice, the yoga you do, and how you do it may change with time, or even be different from one breath to the next.  As long as you are listening to your body, connecting to your breath and being kind to yourself, you’re doing it right!

What if I can’t do all the poses?

Originally intended to prepare the body to sit still during long periods of meditation the asanas or poses yoga has become most famous for each have their own unique set of benefits and challenges!  Modern yoga classes typically use a combination or sequence of varying level poses and offer modifications to allow all levels and body types to receive the benefits of the pose.  Always keeping in mind while everybody can do yoga, not every pose works on every body, and that’s ok! The beauty of yoga is that it looks different on everyone! If ever your body tells you to take a break, or skip a particular pose, yoga encourages you to do so!  With consistent practice, your body may even surprise you with its capabilities!

How do I get started?

You can either speak with your clinician or someone at the front desk about class schedules and various packages we offer. If you have specific questions and would like to speak with a yoga instructor, you can contact Stephanie White, our Yoga and Wellness Coordinator, by email at swhite@providencebehavioral.org.

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